NTT Innovation Laboratory Israel (NTT Israel) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT, a world-leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 40 countries, through its ~989 business units and ~320,000 employees. NTT Israel is an internal strategic resource to NTT and collaborates with Israeli companies and academia in cybersecurity and other fields.

What is NTT Israel's mission?

NTT Israel is a subsidiary of NTT stock holding company and its mission is to become NTT’s strategic resource to breakthrough innovation coming out of Israel’s ecosystem to bring added value to NTT group companies and its customers.

By immersing in both NTT’s initiatives and needs and Israeli innovation ecosystem, NTT Israel empowers NTT’s business units with top notch solutions to deliver new value which supports the evolution of customer businesses, promotes innovation and digital transformation. NTT Israel created a process with NTT 's business units to define their needs, finding potential companies, evaluating jointly their matching point, validating the Israeli companies by exploiting NTT Israel's knowledge and experience and lastly, supporting the engagement process with the Israeli company and structuring the go to market approach.

Focus Areas

NTT Israel focuses on 3 main areas in which Israeli innovation excels: CyberSecurity, Digital Health and AI Automation

The Facilitators

Huge conglomerates like the NTT Group and smaller Israeli startups move at very different speeds. That always has the potential to be a problem. We've been very successful in bridging the gap and facilitating the process. Check out our latest success story.

By working with the Israel’s ecosystem, NTT Israel can offer NTT and customers various services to accelerate innovation . NTT Israel offers support such as scouting for relevant solution to challenges and business needs, provides industry reports, companies' briefings and POC support. NTT Israel is also working on establishing other onsite development services leveraging Israel's talent.

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