Cervello is the railway cybersecurity solution world-leading rail organizations trust to secure their infrastructure and operations while prioritizing business safety and continuity. The Cervello Platform uses its patented, non-intrusive monitoring technology to provide clear, in-depth visibility, continuous threat detection, and personalized incident response guidance.

Currently, rail organizations rely mostly on traditional IDS to identify cyber threats; however, as hackers become more skilled at penetrating security environments, companies are being forced to stay one step ahead. In response to the increasing amount and sophistication of cyber attacks to critical infrastructure over the past few years, we are seeing a larger demand for cybersecurity solutions that can address the unique, rail-specific needs and challenges, and that can keep up with the latest regulatory demands.

Not only does Cervello empower railway organizations to bolster their defenses against rising cybersecurity threats, but it also simplifies compliance with emerging regulations on critical infrastructure.

Following a comprehensive inventory, mapping, and segmentation of the operational rail infrastructure, the Cervello Platform performs a full vulnerability assessment and monitoring of the different network interconnectivities. Using a fully passive, Zero Trust methodology, Cervello is able to provide early threat recognition and highlight all potentially impacted assets, delivering actionable remediation playbooks and guidelines for ideal threat isolation.