IAI’s center of excellence for Cyber Solutions addressing national-grade cyber challenges faced by nation-states, critical infrastructures, defense forces and large enterprises. 

IAI leads the Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3) and the Israeli Aviation Cyber Companies Consortium (IAC3)
comprising of leading Israeli cyber companies, the best and finest of Israel’s cyber eco-system & innovation.


IAI’s CyConcerto is an innovative core management platform for National-Grade Cyber-Security Operation Centers (NSOCs).

Designed to strengthen national cyber resilience, CyConcerto integrates and manages an assortment of cybersecurity systems, fusing them into a single focal point for all NSOC services and activities.
CyConcerto performs centralized threat analysis and management by integrating threat intelligence information from multiple sources with reported cyber incidents and attack surface mapping.

TAME™ Range:

IAI’s TAME™ Range is an advanced cyber competency center, which can be provided either as a turnkey solution or on a pay per use basis. It’s an ideal dynamic, realistic and affordable cyber training environment. The TAME™ Range training curriculum challenges cyber security enthusiasts, intermediaries and security professionals with authentic, real-world cyber-attack scenarios.


IAI’s CyScan is a platform for monitoring nationwide vulnerabilities and configuration discrepancies, facilitating a comprehensive cyber risk awareness. The platform performs nonintrusive, proactive and automatic national IP address range scanning and analysis for Attack Surface Monitoring and reports on
potential risks.

The solution simulates the attacker’s view from all steps of the cyber kill chain and detects and exposes vulnerabilities on IT and OT networks. CyScan incorporates global vulnerability scanning engines (i.e.
Nessus, SHODAN).


CyFo is an all-inclusive Malware Forensics Platform that enables investigators to perform the complete malware forensic analysis cycle.

The platform is easy to operate and requires very little training and operating knowledge. What once required experienced expertise can now be performed simply and automatically with no need for user interaction.


CyITS is a state-of-the-art research and testing facility, that certifies products in compliance with the regulations governing cyber resiliency of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

CyITS was established by the Ministry of Transport, the National Cyber Directorate, and Ayalon Highways, in partnership with a consortium led by ELTA Systems, including IBI group, Alstom, Enigmatos, and Ben- Gurion University of the Negev.

CyITS offers the industry’s most advanced technologies to optimize a range of cyber defense capabilities for vehicles and transportation infrastructures.

Maritime Cyber

Cyber security for vessels. Combining maritime & cyber know how
Full cybersecurity suite for the vessel, Integrating with existing systems onboard. Fast installation and full guidance, SOC (Security Operations Center). Fits for modern and legacy systems.
We provide Monitoring, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Pro-Active Solution and Hardening.
Our services includes: T/V-SOC (Security Operations Center), Guidance, Risk Management, and Regulatory Updates.